Sunday, April 1, 2012

"I'm A Cool Mom"

Mr. Etsy Detective and I took a trip to a baby megastore today, and among the particle board furniture and breast pumps fit for a commercial dairy farm, there were diaper bags, lots of mediocre diaper bags. 

I'm thinking that this vintage-looking, unisex messenger bag ought to cure me of the fashion atrocities I bore witness to today. Roomy, durable and equally, "Oh this old thing? Picked it up on a cycling trip through the Dutch hinterlands," for both Mr. Etsy Detective and I, this bag might just have to make the trans-Atlantic trip to us. I owe it to my unborn child. Waxed leather bag, hand-made in Belgium by TreeSizeVerse. $258.


  1. I really question the notion that that bag is unisex. Love your work, keep it up.

  2. Rationally, I agree with you, but I'm really trying to justify a purchase like this to myself...

  3. Great find Lauren!! Love this bag.

  4. Etsy Detective,

    Love your work! Could you find me fabrics for suits? I have a tailor, just need interesting fabrics fso he can make them. Thanks etsy detective.

    - Showtime