Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yo Peep This-Easter Basket Ideas

Oh, Peeps. You glorious, flourescent food product. Even when you're days old, harder than petrified wood, fossilized with plastic strands of fake grass imprinted on your forehead, you still make me  smile. I don't even really like eating you. In fact, you make me sick. Regardless, your presence signals springtime, and you make one hell of a holiday projectile. Get that same "PEEPS!" feeling sans fossilization with today's featured chickie babies:

Lavender lemon shea butter felted soap, by Engelfelt $12

Hand-made Madagascar vanilla marshmallow mini stickie chickies: by MiniMEBakery 3 dozen for $12

Felted wool all-natural toy: by BossysFeltWorks $15

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