Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sunshine Daydream

Summer faked us out here in DC. I naturally assumed that the 80 degree temps in February was signaling  1) the coming Mayan Apocolypse and 2) a great opportunity to build a base tan. So I packed away my winter wardrobe only to get blitzed with two weeks of 50 degree weather; or what I like to call the Eeyore of temperature gradients.

So today, I'm picturing a cluster of this goodness on a sunny white wall in honor of summer's betrayal of my trust.

"Sunny Day" 8x10 photo print by The Maple Tea House. $19.

"I Love Summer" Abstract oil acrylic painting by Agnese Marhele. $220.

"Orange Merging with Rose" Original watercolor by Malissa Ryder. $60.

"Kitchen Art-Lollipop" original photograph by Marianne LoMonaco. $15.

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