Thursday, April 12, 2012

Minty Mouse

[Not for sale, suckers]

I have a confession to make. Mr. Etsy Detective and I own two cats, and they are glorious. The fat cat featured above is Opie, but Boo is gunning for a career in politics and has asked that he not be featured in any exploitative internet content. Weighing in at a lean and mean 25 and 22 lbs respectively, the only thing these brothers love more than raw shrimp and vanilla ice cream is catnip. Fresh, potent catnip. Luckily (for them and us), we grow it in the backyard, feed it to them, and enjoy the ensuing  sumo wrestling match.

For those days when our little catnip patch isn't flourishing, I think the adorable knit catnip mice by ViveLeChat could definitely fill the void. $6.

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