Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Weekly Bro Down: Go Go Gadget Cufflinks!

Welcome to the second installment of The Weekly Bro Down, offering up Etsy's finest finds for our gentlemen friends. I could write 100 posts on all the incredible cufflinks on Etsy, but these three choices will have to suffice for today. If you survive a night with the flamethrower-cough-I-mean-working lighter cufflinks, we can progress to something more advanced. Yours truly, Grasshopper.

Impress the Swiss Miss in your life with this pair of vintage silver and baby ruby-studded watch movements.  Steampunk cufflinks by Time In Fantasy. $52.

I don't condone smoking, but if I did, it would be seriously hot to watch some guy in a tux light his cigarette with a secret cufflink lighter. Careful, according to the shop owner these babies also get seriously hot.  Cufflink Hub. $150.

For the gentleman camper/sailor/secret agent, never lose your true north behind enemy lines with these working compass cufflinks. RagTrader. $20.


  1. Those links will go great with my crocodile skin tuxedo shirt.

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