Monday, April 9, 2012

I've got the World on a String

Happy Monday everyone. I've determined that much like his mother, this baby o' mine is exceedingly lazy on the weekends. And then, like clockwork, after worrying all weekend that he's become a perma-fetal couch potato, I sit down at my desk Monday morning and he kicks (literally) into high gear. As do I, apparently. So apologies for the lack of weekend posts, and heeeeere we go!

Monday's find is a favorite here at Etsy Detective, and has made me very popular at birthdays and holidays (I bought Rome for my sister after her study-abroad program ended.) Searching for a personalized gift that doesn't look like a mall kiosk monogrammed beer mug?  Look no further than Karen M. O'Leary's Etsy shop, StudioKmo.

Karen's pen-and-ink prints and paper-cut Masterpieces with a capital M are a stunning yet restrained tribute to some of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Some day, I will own one of her insanely intricate paper cuttings in a floating frame, hung on a perfectly distressed exposed brick wall.  In descending order from the top: San Francisco paper cut, $1100; Boston pen-and-ink print, $35; Washington, D.C. stretched canvas, $145.

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