Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Weekly Bro Down: Sam's Natural Skincare

After several requests from the more stubbly sex, Etsy Detective has decided to begin featuring finds for the men in our lives. Be it working compass cufflinks or canuba wax chapstick, I intend to be your Etsy sherpa.  Let the Weekly Bro Down commence!

Today's featured line of products comes to you from Sams Natural. Mechanic-turned-personal-hygiene-guru, Sam's products are made in America with simple, all-natural ingredients. So toss out that nearly empty bottle of Pert Plus thats been lurking in your shower since 2007, and check out some product you can proudly display on your sink (except for the Down There Repair, hide that.)

Door #1: Cedar and Salt Shoe Bags. $9.95.  I agree with Sam, seriously, please buy these, your boat shoes smell like The Plague.

Door #2: Down There Repair. $8.95. I am told that guys can get a little "chafey." Let Sam fix you up.

Door #3: Olive and Rosemary Beard Oil. $10.95. A high percentage of my male friends routinely rock Axe-Men worthy facial hair and it's getting to the point where I need Down There Repair for my cheek. Smooth it out with some beard oil.


  1. after years of dumping salt and talcum powder into my shoes and still getting horrified looks from whomever is sitting next to me on the bus, I will try the Cedar shoe Bags before I take the drastic step of buying new 24 dollar sperrys. thanks Etsy D.

  2. Great finds Etsy. I've been getting that swampy feeling lately on bike rides and could use some repair 'Down There'.

  3. I love how the Down There Repair "CONTAINS NUTS."

  4. Thanks, Etsy D., my face is a mess.

  5. It took some willpower not to make that the blog/mens series title.