Friday, April 6, 2012

Linen Love: Choisette

Today's finds come to you from Choisette, creator of gauzy, chic linen pieces for house and home. 

The first piece is the Joey Scarf, eminently deserving of an afternoon at the (Green or Flea) market. $32.

As for the second find, its hard to be clever when the shop owner out-wits you in every way, and her description of this beach towel is dead-on: 

"this is the ordinary beach towel's bohemian sister, the one who rides a vespa in espadrilles, smokes gitanes and has a cute dutch boyfriend."

So out-cool your plebian terrycloth counterparts and consider linen for your lounging. Choisette says her towel is softer, more absorbent and dries faster. Plus, sand doesn't stick to it like conventional towels. Just "shake it out, et voila!" Plus, linen gets softer each time you wash. Linen beach towel: $60.

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  1. Love the blog. And congrats to you can Ian on the impending arrival of wee bebe! Exciting times... xx, angel