Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ottoman Empire

Inspired today by my friends at Carolina George (the aesthetically gifted New York furniture and interior designers) and their punchy line of fabrics, I am doing some digging on Etsy for a vintage ottoman or foot stool that I can pair with a simple cream glider for the nursery. Somehow, I don't think this little boy will fully appreciate the effort put into making his living space look effortless.

Now I'm about as handy as a Real Houswife in a Home Depot, but with the right ottoman, all you need is a staple gun and some batting to reupholster a pretty new piece for your home.

Our first contestant makes me smile. I feel like somehow this funny little tweed ottoman was once a puppy and has been bippity-bopped, Disney style, into a piece of furniture. With a coat of stain and some new fabric this little munchkin could be made epic. A plus for Baby Bean? The wheels make it possible for him to harness Opie and/or Boo and a take a little Nantucket sleigh ride around the house. The downside: its pretty darn tiny.

Behind door number two: A taller spindle leg stool which I am feeeeeeeeeeling, but the price is a little steep for a piece I'd have to re-work entirely. It does match my spindly crib though. Oy.

Thoughts dear readers?

Tweed Foot Stool. The Enchanted Fig Tree. $75.

Vintage Spindle Leg Stool. {rak}' designs. $175.

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