Saturday, May 5, 2012

Orange Crush

Hola chicas and happy Cinco de Mayo! Apologies for the lack of Friday posting, I was, uh, washing my hair. 

Screw green, it ain't easy being orange. Relegated to bad jokes and bad politicians, orange doesn't even realize everyone is rolling their eyes at its happy little hue.  

**The following is a public service announcement brought to you by The Etsy Detective** 

Color bullying hurts everyone. Please consider becoming a mentor to orange in your community, and show the world it doesn't have to be afraid of apricot. 

I've heeded the call, and bring to you today some fantastic finds. Whether you dip a toe in the shallow end with a beaded bib or take the plunge with some killer ombre tights, every little bit counts. After all, orange is also the color of sunsets, clementines and Victoria Beckham. For more orange love, check out my ideas for a unisex creamsicle nursery on Pinterest.

Beaded bib necklace. Tastes Like Gold. $38.

Hand-dyed sunset ombre tights. BZR. $50.

Ombre linen slouch tote. Cheri Demeter. $42.


  1. Beautiful!
    Thank you for including my tote bag :)

  2. There is always Laughing Orange Studio on Etsy... fresh new ideas in pottery and fairy gardens just down the road from you in the Shenandoah Valley, Tom's Brook, VA