Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Seaside Bedroom

I might be biased, but I don't think there is a better decor in the world than an authentic seaside cottage. I'm not talking tumbled seaglass and hydrangea art. I mean the spare, bare, awesomeness that is a stark summer bedroom, walls as thin as paper with creaky furniture and unframed oil paint. With zero sense of irony, the shelves hold decades of memories; soup cans filled with striped rocks, Bazooka Joe comics (gum included), embarrassing paperback romance novels, and all manner of beach trash. These rooms are time warps, and absolutely priceless.

Living in Georgetown (in all its hunting- portraited and silk damask glory) I struggle to remind myself and my coastally-minded husband that we need to limit the number of boats, fish and shells we keep in our home. Its a farce anyway.

So today, as I'm feeling awfully homesick for Cape Cod, enjoy some finds that might serve as a seaside starter kit of sorts (say that seven times fast.) Shipping Etsy furniture can be expensive, but this dresser is located in New Canaan, CT and just might be worth the drive, my New England friends.

Boat on the Water. $95. Original Paintings by Kris.

Vintage Painted Dresser. $445. La Grange de Silvermine.

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  1. I too love classic seaside decor. There is just something about it that is amazing