Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ain't no party like a Papel Picado party

For my own wedding on the South Shore of Massachusetts, I had grand plans for the rehearsal dinner. Fiesta! Papel Picado! Mariachi! Lights would be strung from the trees and guests would saunter around in linen suits and appropriate ruffles, sipping fresh Patron margaritas and remarking at the authenticity of the stone ground tortillas. When I came to my senses (or was shaken to them like said margarita by Mr. Etsy Detective) we decided to give the people what they really want at a summer New England wedding; a lobster bake. The lobster bake was perfect, but mark my words, someday I will throw the above fiesta, whether my future son's fiancĂ© likes it or not. Muahaha! 

If you find yourself an appropriate setting for today's find, consider yourself muy muy lucky. Papel picado, the classic Mexican paper cut art, is put to stunning use here as a beautiful and unexpected wedding or event invitation. Fair warning: if you receive this in the mail, even death may not part it from your fridge magnet.

Papel Picado Wedding Invitations by Avie Designs.

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