Wednesday, May 16, 2012

(Fermented) Wedding Favors

If Mr. Etsy Detective had his way, our guests would have walked away from our reception with nippers, scratch-off tickets and loose change for buying more nippers and scratch-off tickets. While this appeals to the latent Ke$ha in me, today's finds strike a tasteful balance between black tie and frat basement.

As much as I appreciate flower seed favors and homemade jam, there is a certain childish thrill to walking into a hotel room and finding a naughty little goodie bag, like Bad Santa paid a visit to your room block. So who says the joining of two lives for eternity has to be a sober affair? Get the party started early (and prepare them for the aftermath) with some boozy treats and a fun little emergency kit (I'm thinking Shout wipes, Excedrin and a reminder when brunch starts).

Custom Mini Bottle Labels by Liquid Courage.  100 labels for $49.95.

Custom State Beer Labels by Coast 2 Coast Design. 12 labels for $12.

Mini Emergency Favor Bags by Noteably Unique. 20 bags for $15.


  1. Love this! And yes...the Mini Emergency Bags are essential at every party. Especially those that involve overnight hotel stays (and the kids safely squirreled away at home with a sitter).