Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Animals on Parade

Happy Summer! Its a balmy 90 degrees here in D.C. and my extremities are just swell(ing). Today's post sprung from the design blog rabbit hole. You know how it goes, you hop on briefly to order a crib sheet and the next thing you know its 2am, you've mentally committed yourself to several new monster DIY projects and you've clicked so many links you couldn't retrace your steps if you tried.

Well thats how I felt after bouncing around from With Two Cats 10 Neutral Nurseries post to Aubrey+Lindsay's Little House Blog. Toronto bloggers Aubrey+Lindsay's  neutral nursery is a dream come true.  The simplicity of the space, the teeny pops of color and even the animals are exactly what I'm going for. And that Lion print! I have to have it, and I think it sets a strong educational example to Baby Bean on proper Zoo etiquette. So thank you Aubrey+Lindsay for the inspiration, I think I might pivot slightly and cluster three smaller prints. And thank you Sarah Jane Studios for these cheeky little prints.

I'm not surprised that Sarah Jane is on Etsy, whenever I see something really fantastic and original down the rabbit hole it usually is. Make sure to check out her shop, her work is so great I couldn't squeeze it all in.

Prints starting at $26. Sarah Jane Studios.

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