Friday, July 6, 2012

Step in Line: RopedIN by Clay Mohrman

Happy Friday everyone, today I'd like to introduce a very special shop on The Etsy Detective, RopedIN by Clay Mohrman. Clay is currently studying at art school in London, and from his perfectly coiffed anglophile head sprung an idea for some to DIE for wedding decor: custom rope signs and art.

The rope is dipped in apoxy, formed, and dried according to whatever parameters you are looking for. At my own summer wedding, Clay surprised us with the above navigational beacon and a pair of interlocking hearts. Signs have become a huge part of the DIY wedding industrial complex, but these bad boys will inspire a special kind of envy from even the craftiest of brides.

While Clay has thus far focused exclusively on weddings, I don't see why similar creations couldn't be perfectly repurposed for a baby nursery or summer cottage. I'm thinking neon in rope for the hipster munchkin in your life or the family name in an entry way.

Wedding This Way Sign. $110.

Rope Hearts (Pair). $50.

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