Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brooklyn Fairytale

Amy Richardson of Little Hip Squeaks has a great thing going.  This shop sprung from pregnancy boredom and a desire to "create something unique for my son that reflected my style -- bright colors, fun, geometric patterns, organic and eco friendly materials." After months of trying to convince her husband that she needed to quit her day job, Little Hip Squeaks hit it big, and is buzzing along out of their Brooklyn apartment as Amy's own little hip squeak snoozes in the next room.

Like Mox from Varsity Blues once said so astutely, "I DON'T WANT. YOUR LIFE." Except I do Amy, I very much do.

I think Amy's work speaks for itself, but as a style-conscious mother-to-be, she has really rocked my world (and possibly accessed my most latent desires?) with the orange dachshund beanie. At 36 weeks today, I'm starting to have very real visions of a tragically hip Baby Bean in this hat, flannel, Ray Bans, and a candy cigarette (are those even legal anymore?) tucked behind his minature ear.

Chevron Receiving Blanket. $42.80.

Hat and Bib Set. $49.65.

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