Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Midas Touch

What better way to celebrate our nation's birthday than to recognize the reason anyone came here in the first place? Gold. Misguided as that faithful trip may have been, this particular periodic element has moved mountains, started wars and put American Apparel on the theme party map. 

I'm sitting here daydreaming where gilded kitchen accessories might work, and my mind unfairly drifts to Donald Trump and Kris Jenner feeding eachother some ungodly squid ink and gold leaf dish at Dorsia (nobody goes there anymore). Then I snap to it and remember that there is nothing that warms a space (or skin...or wardrobe...) more than a little Midas touch.

Today's finds are a mix of vintage and new, and each one would make a beautiful gift (for me, just think about it). So bask in their glow for a moment and then rack your brain over who might be able to use some glasses with the numbers 8-3-2 on them.

Gold Zag Tray - $98 and Gold Paper Bowl - $68. Up in the Air Somewhere.

Mid-Century Low Ball Glasses. $15. FindingMEVintage.

Vintage French Cannister Set. $54. Le Box Shop.

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