Monday, June 11, 2012

Rhinestones are a girls best friend

I get lots of requests from friends on what to post, ranging from "Find me blazer buttons" (the please is inferred) to "Hey girl, my Thai tailor is in town and I need some rare vintage silk for a smoking jacket I'm having made."

However, the most common refrain  is "Do more wedding stuff!" This weekend, a bride asked me to look into some vintage costume pieces for her upcoming nuptials, and I'll tell you what, its been a hell of a lot easier than tracking down bolts of luxurious silk paisley.

I realize this blog is meant to be curated, but I had a really hard time paring today's finds down, so I just decided to add them all. Its my blog, I do what I want. From something blue to little buzzy rhinestone bees to snowflakes fit for an ice queen, I found a little something for everyone. All under $50.

Large Vintage 60's Baby Blue Petals and Rhinestone Earrings. $17. Charlotte Sue Vintage.

1940's Bogoff Vintage Rhinestone Earrings. $50.  Gilded Elegance.


  1. There is something so romantic about vintage earrings. No matter the era they are always magnificent. Thrilled to be cast among these vintage beauties, Mr. Bogoff is in lovely company. The kind of company that reminds us of the noteworthy beauty of our past.

  2. Love the sparkles and pastel pink in yellow! So delicate!

  3. Love Love Love!! I have taken a pair of earrings like the baby blue petals and have transformed one of them into a beautiful necklace with vintage pearls!! Thank you for the feature! I have passed along your blog on my business page as well, Keepsakes by Kristi on facebook!

  4. Wonderful sparkling beauties! They all exude class!

  5. Fabulous finds! I love those Bogoff earrings and those delicate white and pink snowflake ones!