Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Behind the Curtain

Happy to have a guest blogger on The Etsy Detective this morning. Sarah goes by many names, but Say Say Boom Boom is probably the least complicated. Take it away, Say Say!


Greetings Etsy Detective fans, little seester Sarah here, perhaps better known by my rapper name, "C'est Boom." If you've ever been to our childhood home, you will remember that one of it's coolest features is a vintage pull down map of the good ol' USA. While we don't use it for navigational purposes (thank you iPhone), we do use it to cover up our Dad's comically huge mounted flat screen.When pulled down during parties it hangs perfectly over the plasma and with another tug on the string, et VOILA, his Bruins games are back.

Daddio found his vintage map on Etsy and luckily, there is no shortage of these scholastic gems for all you wanderlust couch potatoes out there.


EllieBean here. I'm thinking this vintage  french botanical chart would be a good alternative for a kitchen TV. Impress your guests with the assumption that you can decipher this...in French.

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