Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Economy of Scale

Growing up, we always had a scale in our kitchen. Not to weigh things (that would be too obvious), but to hold things. Usually bananas went in the scale, but occasionally you could find tennis balls, ginger snaps, or pet food in their place.

Whatever you decide to use your scale for, you can be sure that it will be a welcome and unexpected design element for your kitchen. So weigh your options and purchase your very own brass banana hammock. I'm thinking the gorgeous cast iron blue or red from above would look awfully nice on a sunny white counter. (Ahem, I-need-it!) Sorry, I had something in my throat.


  1. Hey there Ms. EllieBean - first of all, thanks for featuring my hanging kitchen scale in your blog post today! Second, I love your blog!!! What a clever name and idea, to be an Etsy detective. Really cute!

    You're super sweet, so thanks again!

  2. Economy of scale... love it! I'm always drawn to old scales in my treasure hunts, something about their design and patina. Thank you for including my antique blue lady head scale among these beauties!