Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Here Fishy Fishy

Meet Popeye. I found this watercolor gem while attempting to pull together an age and gender-neutral baby nursery. Yes, yours truly is expecting, so expect a flood of "SQUEE!" worthy posts in the coming months.

Outside the bounds of pink and blue, its a baby decor wasteland, but Popeye opened my eyes to the possibilities of a tasteful and reusable piece of nursery art. After his work is done making fish faces at Baby Detective, he'll be retired to a sunny white bathroom wall with plenty of room to swim.

You can find Popeye and other watercolor animal prints on Etsy at Heavenly Creatures Art. Don't be thrown by their use of satin-finish paper, it has a photo quality to it that really works when framed. I recommend a white-on-white matte/frame or class it up with something muted, thin and gold.

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