Monday, March 19, 2012

Crafterall-Hand Cut Paper Art

Lets kick this off with a personal favorite, Crafterall. The first time I stumbled upon Crafterall's mind-blowing work, I was desperately searching for a unique but affordable wedding gift for a friend. After plumbing the depths of Etsy for something "San Francisco-y" for the bride, Crafterall revealed herself to me in the form of a layered paper masterpiece of the Best Coast. 

Totally unique and remarkably affordable, the colors and depth pop off any wall they attach themselves to. From $20-$150, you can find yourself the lucky owner of your very own Crafterall paper cut art. Mom and Pops live on Cape Cod, and I scooped the featured piece above for them as a Christmas gift. Check it out: Crafterall

And please folks, don't try this at home. Crafterall put the crazy idea in my head that I too could wield an exacto-knife like a crafting plastic surgeon. When I asked my operating theater nurse (Mr. Etsy Detective) to fetch me the scalpel, he came back from the basement with a Home Depot-issue box cutter. Le sigh. 

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