Monday, March 26, 2012

Whale Wars

Call me Ishmael (for bringing you these latest Etsy finds.) For starters, I love the concerned look on the whale bookend's face from KnobCreekMetalWorks. Its as if he's got the Nishun Maru on his tail and is fast losing confidence in his bumbling, be-dreadlocked protectors. (See: Whale Wars; Eye-rolling). $40.

For the baby Ahab in your midst, check out this hand-printed onesie from TheMattButler. After a voyage or two in this outfit baby Ahab will be carving his very own scrimshaw pacifier. $14.

The blowhard on the end is included because this tissue cover is, well, adorable. The Charlie Brown of bathroom fixtures. Oh brother. $40 by GnomeSweeetGnome.

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