Monday, September 10, 2012

S is for Seersucker

Greetings friends! Apologies for being MIA, but as I wrote my last post on August 7, little did I know that Baby Bean was en route to this big blue marble we call home. And, yes, it has taken me one month, hundreds of diapers and approximately four  hours of sleep to muster the brain power to return to my lovely little bloggie pet. 

In honor of this most excellent little Bean (with some perfect monogramming initials- WBW- if I do say so myself), I bring to you today some fantastic swim shorts for the baby gentleman in your life. I've always preferred my main men to rock shorter-than-average inseams, and Welch Elements will customize and monogram these mini Chubbies for you in aqua, navy, lime or red. 

Seersucker shorts. $18. Welch Elements.


  1. Welcome back ED! These will be gotten for the little man in MY life. Thanks for the rec!

  2. Welcome Back!!! And might I add that said Baby Bean is one fine young
    gentleman!!! Congratulations Mama and Papa Bean, xox LBACON