Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hong Kong Phooey

Greetings Etsy lovers, its feeling like Fall here in our Nation's Capital which means that yours truly can break out her strongest seasonal wardrobe. You read that correctly, I am autumnally awesome, born to layer, and have the waxed cotton, flannel and corduroy to prove it. 

Julius Seester asked me a while back if I had seen any good bags around lately, and aside from J. Crew's forest green leather hobo, I was really at a loss for recommendations. I'm at a loss no more, and coming at 'cha all the way from Hong Kong we have Hidden Gem Studio and their made-to-order leather treasure. While I've only featured one of their pieces today, check out the shop if you are looking for other styles, including some lovely matte black leather and a jaunty little camel envelope clutch. 

Brown Leather Double Strap Bag-Long Handle. $240. Hidden Gem Studio.

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