Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Betsy Ross-ified

Spurred on by September 11th and the head-explodingly patriotic extravaganza that is the Springsteen concert I'll be attending on Friday night, today's finds are inspired by our Stars and Stripes. 

I've loved the American flag bookshelf above since I first saw it in The New York Times about a year ago, and if the tag sale gods are kind, someday I'll have enough books to complete it. Luckily, Jaysworld Vintage Book Decor has a little starter kit for this kind of kitsch.

Up next, this backgammon-inspired men's accessory case by EWMcCall is positively SHARP. Guys, even if you don't pack like a Gilded Age Robber Baron in a cartload of steamer trunks, this would fit nicely as a display case on a dresser.

Finally, I love hoop art, and mean to start a little collection for some lonely wall (to add to my 800 other well-meaning but fictitious collections of the future.) Make Betsy Ross proud and lie to your friends about your stitching prowess.

Patriotic 8 Book Collection. $39. Jaysworld Vintage Book Decor.

Backgammon Inspired Accessory Case. $40. EWMcCall.

American Flag Hoop Wall Art. $45. Trash Can Diva.

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