Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ready to Burst

The theme today: bubbles. Due-Day is officially here, and still no sign of Baby Bean. So in his absence (and to reflect my current state of physical well-being) I bring to you some bubbalicious finds.

Our first find is a work of art, and completely incompatible with chandelier-swinging. Seriously, do not touch. Eye-catching and invisible at the same time, this ethereal fixture could liven the stuffiest of spaces. Its the Glinda the Good Witch of home decor.

Next up, your design aesthetic has to be pretty well locked-up to make this work. I'm thinking an urban-rustic Stockholm loft that elevates a spare bulb on a cord to the beauty you see in the picture above. Ja, baby.

Lastly, I admittedly have a thing for Edison bulbs, and its an dangerous habit to maintain. HOWEVER, if you have the means, I highly recommend picking it up. Instead of being blinded literally by an incandescent or blinded figuratively by a compact flourescent, the Edison nixes that surface-of-the-sun vibe and lets you see a fixture in all its glory. The glass globe above is entirely deserving of that beautiful bulb.

Bubble Chandelier. $450-$1,450. Pelle Shop.

Flashy Red Pendant Lighting. $75. Hibernation Restoration.

Glass Globe Pendant. $118. Lucent Lampworks.

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