Monday, April 29, 2013

Etsy Detective for Curio Road: Laalee

Wedding jewelry is tough. Do you begrudgingly respect tradition and go with Aunt Judith’s pink pearls?  Or stay on-trend and wind up looking like an Aztec warrior fresh from his local 50 Shades fan gathering.  Imagine those photo’s twenty years down the line. No regrets. Nope, not one bit…
Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with pretty. And these Laalee aquamarine earrings are the prettiest little things I ever did see.  I wish I could get married all over again just so I could wear them as my ‘something new+blue.’ I can see it now…
 ~~Dream Sequence Commencing~~
Mr. Etsy Detective and I are freshly post-vows, hamming it up for the photographer and running in slow motion through a field of tall grass/wildflowers/puppies, these beautiful blue babies glinting in some hazy Instagram light…And, SCENE.
(Disclaimer: Mr. ED says no matter how pretty the earrings are, he will not be running through any fields with me to satisfy my latent wedding part deux fantasies. Sigh.)

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