Monday, April 22, 2013

Etsy Detective for Curio Road-The Incredible Bipedal-ble Bungee Bag

Ever notice the woman on the sidewalk looking like a Himalayan sherpa? Purse, gym bag, lunch cooler, yoga mat, bundle of pelts…whatever. A girl can get weighed down.
Enter Po Campo’s Umber Pilsen Bungee Bag.  Weather resistant, reflective and downright attractive, the bag comes with its own built-in bungee cords for secure attachment to your two wheeler.  Even better? The design.  I love a good piece of waxed cotton canvas. Always have, always will.

Now I just need to shake the rust off that vintage Schwinn cruiser I spent months locating but never ride because I live at the top of a hill and hit the road in streamlined style with my incredible bipedal-ble bungee bag!

Po Campo Pilsen Bungee Bag. $65. Curio Road.

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