Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Etsy Detective for Curio Road: Lovely Leaping Leopards

Good morning! And now, another very special post for an amazing online boutique, a "shoppable Pinterest" if you will, Curio Road.

For years, I've been gathering the pieces to execute my dream Halloween costume: Margot Tenenbaum. I have the hair, I've got my grandmothers fur. I'd like to think I reflect Margot's casual malaise. I've even seriously contemplated how to reproduce her prosthetic pinkie. Papier mache? Beige sharpie cap? GIVE ME A SIGN!

So my Wes Anderson synapses started firing when when I saw Rifle Paper Co.'s Leopard IPhone Case. Reminiscent of Scalamandre's iconic zebra wallpaper that frames Margot's pouty mug, Rifle Paper Co.'s leopards look rich and whimsical against deep teal.

If only Rifle Paper Co.'s design existed as a fabric, I'd upholster everything I own in lovely leaping leopards. But until then, carrying this little slice o' Margot in my pocket will have to do.

Leopard IPhone Case. $30.  Curio Road.

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